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Luang Phor Pinak 

Luang Phor Pinak was born in 1903 at Udon Thani.  His full name is Tawai Hansak Likit.  He loved learning Buddhism and magic thus he started his monk live when 9 in a famous temple called Wat Nang Tai.  When the time, the abbot of Wat Nang Tai is Luang Phor Xing.  In 1938, Luang Phor Pinak received the education from another two famous monks - Luang Phor Mang and Luang Phor Fang.  In 1941 during the war time, Luang Phor Pinak left Thailand and affot to Burma, Lao, Cambodia and India.  In 1943, Luang Phor Pinak built his first temple - Wat Tam Kiao at the Southern Thailand - Nakon Si Thamarat.  After that, he set up another 3 temples - Wat Tam Thakuei in Petchboon, Wat Kao Nakerd at Nakon Nayot, and Wat Shenom Lau at Saraburi.  When the time, Luang Phor Pinak was very famous in Thailand as there were a lot of miracles from his handmade amulets.  A lot of people got rich after wearing his amulets thus the price of his amulets were gone up gradually in the amulets market, especially the Star Mark version.
In 2002, Luang Phor Pinka pass away.  In his last wish, his body cannot be burnt, cannot be antiseptic, cannot be obsequies, cannot spread out his pass away to the public high profile, body had to keep in meditation style and placed into the chedi of temple.  10 years later (2012), his body had to be placed in the main hall of temple.  After that, there will be a lot of miracles come out.  Now, Wat Shenom Lau in Saraburi had been honour by King Rama IX as Wat Luang (it means this temple is under the juridiction of Kingdom of Thailand.  In fact, Wat Shenom Lau was built in the period of Ayuthaya (around 800 years ago), after that it was rusted until Luang Phor Pinak found it and rebuilt it in 1974.
The two students of Luang Phor Pinak - Luang Phor Som and Luang Phor Amnoi are rushing to ask for donation from public in order to rebuilt the main hall of the temple to receive the body of Luang Phor Pinak in 2012.
Luang Phor Som 
Luang Phor Som, student of Luang Phor Pinak is famous in using axe to increase luck for disciples.  He chants and use his axe to hit the back of disciples could increase luck as well as get those bad luck and devilish from the disciples.  Aside from the axe method, Luang Phor Som could empower the tattoo on the disciples' body.  He chants not more than 3 minutes, those disciples with tattoo will move uncontrollable and scream.  Luang Phor Som said this method can strengthen the power of the tattoo to give additional protection to the disciples.
Another student of Luang Phor Pinak is Luang Phor Amnoi.  Luang Phor Amnoi is good at increasing wealth for disciples by using very tradition old style Thai method i.e. Sedoko and Sangkatan.


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