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In the past 15 years, amulet lovers in Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Taiwan and China are crazy for King Of Butterfly Amulets.  King of Butterfly amulets are made by Kruba Krissana.  Kruba Krissana born in BE2497 (AD1954), he is ranked number 9 amongst 10 brothers and sisters in his family.  When he was young, he ordinated to be a monk and follow Kruba Pu to have tudong in forest.  In BE2532 (AD1989), Kruba Krissana moved into a cave in Khonburi (just next to Nakhon Natchasima) for living.  After a period of time, the villagers in Nakhon Natchasima invited Kruba Krissana to their village and Kruba set up Wat Mahathat.  Kruba Krissana get use of the pattern of two Salikas and over a hundred types of flowers to make his own amulets.  At that time, his brother hand-paint all of Kruba's amulets.  Around BE2542, a Singaporean invited Kruba Krissana to Singapore and Malaysia to promote his amulet.  Afterward, Kruba Krissana moved to the current location and set up Wat Weruwan.   His amulets not only provide strong protection for disciples but it could also strengthen human relationship and enable disciples to get maximum human relations in work and business.


Webmaster know Kruba Krissana since year of 2000. When the time, Kruba is getting more and more popular.  Everytime, Kruba went to Singapore and Malaysia, disciples donated a lot of money to Kruba for building temples, school and hospital.  The market demand of Kruba's amulets are very huge, as Kruba's brother is getting old and he paints the amulets one by one thus finally, his eyes are not very work for continue painting the amulets and Kruba asked his cousin's family to paint for him.  About few years ago, there is a Taiwanese came to Kruba and gave a big donation to Kruba, this Taiwanese asked Kruba to use a Japanese Nine Tails Fox to make one lot of amulets for him to bring back to Taiwan.  Afterward, he sold the Nine Tails Fox amulets in Taiwan,  some balance were brought to China for sale.  Upon those Chinese people know about Kruba Krissana, they went to Wat Weruwan to visit Kruba, but majority Chinese people feel the price of Kruba's amulets being very high thus they asked their guide to bring them to the Korat amulets market and look for the imitated King of Butterfly amulets.  Nowadays, a lot of King of Butterfly amulets in China are fake.  Recently, webmaster saw there is a new amulet which claimed handmade by Kruba Krissana by using 3 dices in order to enpower disciples to win in gambling.  Webmaster being very doubt about this because Thai monks never encourage people to gamble.  When you are going to rent Kruba Krissana's amulet, you must be very careful as too many fake items in the market.

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